Are Corporate Companies Being Deceived?

The Importance of Hosting Services

Are Corporate Companies Being Deceived?

Are Corporate Companies Being Deceived? 

Corporate companies often face the highest level of deception in their interactions with Information Technology (IT) processes. In Turkey, many corporate managers are unsure about their specific needs in the realm of IT. Consequently, they become easy targets for IT companies that exploit this lack of knowledge with a few technical terms in English.

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has revolutionized the field of IT.

For any company or business, the most fundamental requirement is a website that accurately reflects their services and products.

However, Turkish companies and individuals often find themselves entering a complex and bewildering world when it comes to websites. They end up requesting unnecessary features and are confronted with unrealistic promises, leading to a cycle of mutual deception.

There is no need for confusion regarding websites. It is sufficient to look at the websites of companies in Europe and America. These websites are typically simple and easy to understand, consisting of four or five main sections:

  1. Information about the company
  2. Services offered
  3. Products
  4. Contact information

Such a website is both cost-effective and user-friendly. It enables customers to reach out quickly and easily.

Websites built with HTML are particularly beneficial as they are easily found by search engines and can effectively reach the target audience.

DenizWeb.Net offers economical solutions for this. For just $150 + VAT, you can have a professional website ready within a week.

Don't Overcomplicate Things! Your website is not a show center. Visitors are not coming to your site to be entertained; they are there to learn about your services, explore your products, and make purchases. They have no other purpose.

Provide DenizWeb's customer service team with information about your company. Within a few days, your website will be optimally prepared and launched to appear in search engine results.

Whether your company handles million-dollar deals or is a small business, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is having a diverse or extensive product range. The purpose of websites remains the same. By examining the websites of European and American companies, you will see the simplicity and user-friendly approach we advocate.

The Importance of Hosting Services

The second major issue where companies are often misled is in hosting services.

The decision regarding hosting should be based on an assessment of the company’s email traffic and website visit intensity.

SBYS.NET offers a variety of hosting options tailored to meet the specific needs of each company.

Hosting options range from $11 to $46 based on usage intensity.

For higher demands, premium hosting options are available in the $71 – $117 range.

For corporate companies with heavy email traffic and file sharing needs, specialized corporate hosting options are also available, priced from $172 to $860. SBYS.NET analyzes the customer’s needs and recommends the most suitable and ideal hosting service. Neither too much, nor too little.

Ensure your company’s online presence is robust, reliable, and perfectly tailored to your needs with DenizWeb.Net and  Sbys.Net. Don’t be deceived by complexity – embrace simplicity and efficiency.